Zumba Mania

Zumba Mania

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Play Zumba Mania based on basic ball shooting games, it is a simple game that improves fast-eye mobility. Shoot the marbles from the frog's mouth into a chain of marbles that are at least 3 of the same color. Obliterate all marbles in the chain before it hits the end. Tap the frog to trade between the current and the next marble.

The carousel of the marbles will make it difficult for you, shoot the ball intelligently and don't get beaten by the carousel's speed. Aim for the longest strips of the same color marbles combined with precise shot direction adjustment. Try Zumba Mania and see if you are a smart frog?

How to play

CLICK on the frog to change the ball color.

CLICK on the ball strips where you want to shoot.