Love Dots

Love Dots

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  Love Dots is a popular intellectual game, the player's task is to draw lines so that the blue ball and the pink ball meet each other in any location. This game is rasing for its simple look but difficult to pass the level and challenge the player's thinking. It sounds nothing much, but the game has an extremely large number of rounds and the difficulty is not simple, making gamers easily addicted after a few rounds of play.

  With the simple gameplay extremely interesting and brain hacking, the challenge of finding love will make many players feel helpless when they cannot help two balls come together with true love. The Love Dots gameplay is not too complicated, your task is just to draw lines, horizontal, vertical, curved, or an arbitrary shape as long as how the two balls touch each other is to complete the challenge. After you draw, the line will fall down or move according to a physical mechanism so use your genius thinking to predict the outcome. The game does not impose time so make wise choices, the fewer strokes you will accumulate, the higher the score. Be creative to help the two balls find true love.

  Love Dots does not limit the player's imagination. Let's try it freely!

How to play

Draw Lines or Shapes to meet balls in one place.