Archer vs Zombies Among Us

Archer vs Zombies Among Us

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  Archer vs Zombies Among Us is a fierce battle between the archer and the characters in Among Us transformed into zombies. A group of Among Us went on a mission but were kidnapped by alien creatures and turned into hideous and evil zombies. They are sent to destroy your empire, knocking them down with the magic crossbow. Massive armies of enemies and their relentless onslaught will challenge your archery skills.

  Adjust the direction of the bow to hit the zombies, they can be persistent so your one shot may not be able to defeat them. They come in continuously so shoot arrows without stopping, there will be some big and strong zombies that you need to use weapons with more firepower. There are two upgradable firepowers: flaming arrows and cannons but you can't always use them, but some conditions must be met. The red heart icon is the maximum number of times you can let the zombie pass. If you exceed that number of times, your wall will be eaten by zombies and collapsed. Pay attention in case aliens will sometimes be sent down to increase the force to destroy your empire. Then take advantage of the greater firepower to defeat them. 

  The life of all the inhabitants of the empire is waiting for you. Be a hero with a crossbow that kills zombies!

How to play

Touch or click to shoot.