Stop Them All

Stop Them All

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  Stop Them All is a game that destroys mischievous people and stops their accomplices. The aliens with strange shapes always like to tease others and specialize in doing destructive things, please erase them. They are constantly dancing, joking, and teasing the players. A variety of attacks will create an extremely interesting experience. The feeling of being killed off by a crowded crowd will create a sense of comfort and reduce stress, giving players exciting moments of relaxation.

  They move with your teammates and your task is to use offensive weapons such as hammers and mines to destroy them all. On their path, there will be several attack weapons equal to the number of chances you have, choose the right time to strike so that the number of kills is as large as possible. They will sometimes move slyly so that it is difficult for you to destroy. Rely on how they move and their formation to make reasonable attacks, only any one of their members survives you will lose. Don't let them survive and dance to celebrate, smash them to pieces and disappear from the earth. You don't want to see their smug faces, terrify them with your fatal attacks.

  Crush hordes of obnoxious dummies!

How to play

Click or touch to play.