Black Holeio

Black Holeio

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  Black Holeio is the game that swallows everything singing in the world, have you ever thought that you would eat all the people, houses, hills, and mountains of the Earth in a matter of minutes? It is entirely possible in Black Holeio. You will be playing the role of a black hole of death that can suck everything on Earth. This game can satisfy players' endless eating preferences, create a lifelike world for players to freely explore food, and sweeping the surface of big cities.

  You will start with a small black hole and have to compete with many other players participating. Do not rush to eat massive buildings but pick small objects first such as bulbs, people, trees, ... to increase the size of the hole. Then, you can take advantage of other small black holes to increase your score and increase size faster while eliminating the competition. The game only lasts for a few minutes so try to travel to places with lots of objects to eat, note that it is also important to avoid larger black holes in order not to become food for them, if eaten you will lose. For sure, you will feel extremely satisfied when swallowing giant buildings.

  Delicious cities are waiting for you, let's eat!

How to play

Hold down or touch to move.