Canoe Sprint

Canoe Sprint

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  Canoe Sprint is a fun rowing game with healthy guys. A thrilling boat race takes place on the sea with a large number of athletes, there are many challenges and struggles to be the first boat to the finish line. The game will really challenge the skillful steering of the players and give them the experience of racing at sea. The cool colors and scenery will be a great game for this summer. It is interesting to just sit back and still be able to participate in an exciting race.

  Starting with a small boat with only one rower, you must move the boat to the finish line and pick up other rowers along the way to add power to make the boat go faster. Try to catch as many rowers as possible, your boat will get bigger and reach the finish line at a faster speed, maybe even taking advantage of the size to capsize other players' boats. Avoid the icebergs or unexpected logs that appear on the track if you don't want to lose the number of members or sink the boat. Only when the boat reaches the finish line first will you be the winner and participate in the battle at the next level. When the boat is heavier, the speed will be faster, be careful with the obstacles. You will feel excited when the boat gets longer and longer. 

  Let's see how big your boat is!

How to play

Drag to play.