Draw Attack

Draw Attack

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  Draw Attack is a war game by drawing create a powerful army. In an ancient Greek world that is in danger of being taken over by a ferocious enemy, an arena with professionally trained troops and a variety of weapons. The army of foreign invaders is mighty and relentlessly advancing, soldiers shoulder the responsibility of firmly defending the wall. The intense battle like in history will bring players interesting experiences. The ancient arena scene will increase the appeal of Draw Attack.

  The elite army listens to your instructions, control and arranges your troops intelligently to destroy the invading enemy. Arrange the number of soldiers so that the number of sacrifices is as small as possible. Pay attention to the characteristics of the enemy to choose soldiers with the right weapons. Enemies will approach aggressively so you must defeat them before they reach the wall. You can optionally create a formation of soldiers by drawing, but note that the number of soldiers with strong weapons will be limited. The higher level the number of enemies will be more and require you to have smart tactics and draw reasonable lines. Set a clear boundary with the enemy, if any enemy gets into the wall you will lose. Be a smart general put your name in history.

  The battle begins...!

How to play

Drag to draw.