Hole vs Bombs

Hole vs Bombs

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  Hole vs Bombs is a terror for everything in the whole universe, it can swallow everything into it, even an entire planet. No one knows where things will go when they fall into a black hole because no one can turn around. The gameplay of this game is very simple, you just hold your finger on the screen and control the black hole to go anywhere, it will follow your finger. Every time a black hole passes through something smaller than it, those items will automatically fall into the hole and you get points.

  The tricky point of this game is that you need to avoid the bombs, not let them fall into the crater. Of course, this requires skillful and precise movement. Hole vs Bombs is prized for physics mechanics, you will have situations where when a large object gets stuck on the crater, you have to take a long time to make it fall. This game has perfect graphics and sound, enough to make you feel excited. Eating is one way to relieve stress. Sometimes, when you feel frustrated and want to destroy things, don't do it. Play Hole vs Bombs and swallow the whole city, maybe you will feel happier.

How to play

Click and hold the mouse or touch to move the black hole.