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Description  is a fun community-style game. An isolated alien world consisting of inhabitants fighting for life. Each individual has a distinct color that maintains and reproduces his or her race, even eating each other to dominate the territory. It's interesting when they are led with their herd to forage and they become more and more numerous. You are the leader and must protect your swarm from being eaten by other players. Are you a skillful leader?

  Initially to get a large number of swarms without moving to get food, please take a short time to see the ad we give, you will have a certain number of troops, which will be to your advantage. Try to move to pick up the food to increase the number of troops, avoid the leaders of other swarms, focus on behind them. You can eat other players' swarms to convert their numbers into yours. A trick is when you are in danger, get in the middle of your swarm so they can be your shield. For each object you eat, you will increase your number by 1. Conversely, when you lose the number of troops, you will be deducted the corresponding number of points. The players with the highest score will be at the top of the ranking.

  Make your swarm take over the entire territory!

How to play

Drag to play.