Tap Among Them

Tap Among Them

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  Tap Among Them will challenge the player's ability to memorize. There will be some anomalies among them that you must be quick to remember, not only must you have a good memory area, but you also have to quickly click on the anomalies that the computer chooses at random, the order and position do not follow a rule. Tap Among Them could be a game to test your memory skills.

  The higher the level, the harder it will increase, it can make your mind become confused. Try not to click in the wrong position, be alert, calm, and focused so that the ability to memorize is most effective. If not through gain, do not fail, you can playback that. Try to test your write memory with this game, remember that speed will hide those anomalies faster Maybe your memory will surprise you, see how far you can go.

How to play

Tap or mouse control.