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  Skydome is a popular game in the world and is the favorite of many people. Designed with cute candy images, simple but fun gameplay. The number of rich levels, the task system of many types arranged alternately will always create something new for the player. Although Skydome has simple gameplay, it always contains surprises and difficult challenges that make "breaking" the game not as easy as people think. Belongs to the genre of puzzle strategy game, realistically designed under a sharp 3D design platform. Not only impressive graphics, but the game also owns an extremely attractive background music sound set, the effects of candies being broken, combined, bombs exploding, ... all create an immersive experience. amazing addiction.

  The rules of the game are very simple, Skydome has similar gameplay to the three-and-fourth row games when combining the same colors and the same type. You will have to match the same candies in the game, creating rows consisting of at least 3 candies. Greater destructive power will appear if you combine 4 or more of the same candies. The player needs to reach the required number of system points within a limited time at this level. There is not much time to think, so calculate to get the highest score. Quickly combine rows of three candies, four candies, turn them into special candies, then try to find ways to combine these special candies. Prioritize the carrot-shaped candies. In general, with time-limited levels, you need to be as quick as possible.

  Skydome is one of those addictive puzzle strategy games that has always been on top of the trend. Become a master in the world of sweets!

How to play

Drag to play.