Bob The Robber

Bob The Robber

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  Bob The Robber will play you as a professional bandit like in the movies with transcendent wisdom and thrilling action. Modern homes with security facilities contain valuable items and confidential information was cleaned up by Bob. He is a thief with sophisticated techniques, that skill is trained from his young age. All the houses in the city don't escape under his own hands so he is always caught by mercenaries. 

  You will help him with successful escapes. The houses not only have modern protective equipment but also traps to catch Bob, he is a notorious thief so he will be the target of residents and the FBI. In addition, you must help him defeat the mercenaries wisely so as not to impede property collection and escape without a trace. Look for surveillance lights, house-cleaning robots, laser gates, and other anti-theft devices. Read through all the directions or sticky notes the landlord has left behind, you will find the unlock codes thanks to your superior intelligence.

  Are you ready to break in? 

How to play

Arrow keys to move.

"W" to read instructions.

Press and hold "⇑" to unlock.