Imperia Online

Imperia Online

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Play  Imperia takes on the role of a medieval ruler whose destiny is to transform a small village into a mighty empire. Enter a world that never sleeps. A world in which you will face thousands of players. Some of them will be your enemies, some will be your friends and allies.

Imperia Online is known for its complex gameplay and its perfect combination of strategy and simulation. Create a capital, conquer new territories by creating new provinces, trade posts, and military camps. Train your troops, spy on the enemy, and defend the empire against anyone who tries to get their hands on its riches. As governor, you can make decisions that will impact your empire and resonate with everyone. With a focus on MMO and PvP, the game gives you the opportunity to be part of an alliance and compete against other players in the "Lords of the World" tournament!

With a diversity of weekly events, worlds and tournaments, you'll never have a dull moment!