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  Snowfightio is a snowball battle involving many players. The battle takes place on the snow, players use the snow shave into large round snow to shoot the opponent. Only one player wins so the player must eliminate all other players. There are many snow-scraper items used in the game such as cars, snowmen, seals, and many other interesting objects. Snowfightio is addictive because it is charismatic when fighting online with many other players and they can see your name on the top of the ranking.

  The ring is a surface of ice playing in the middle of a melting lake. You have to fight other players, quickly scrape large round snow blocks by moving to shoot. Move fast and deftly while avoiding the snow from good players, otherwise, you will also be knocked off the ring and fall into the lake. There will be melting ice that we warn you in advance in flashing red, when you see that sign you need to move away, if not, the ice melts you will fall and lose. One quick tip is that you rotate around yourself in case it is difficult to move. Remember that you only win when you are the last survivor, Then you will be registered on the rankings and have the opportunity to exchange snow shave items with greater horsepower.

  Are you ready for the match to become the best snowman?

How to play

Drag to move and shave the snow.

Drop to shoot the snow.