Among them Hide N Seek

Among them Hide N Seek

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  Among them - Hide N Seek It's a fun hide-and-seek between Impostor and his gang. Exciting tracings with many alien nooks and crannies, choose to hide or be discovered and eliminated. The game of hiding and seek has never been so dramatic, the endings are full of suspense and surprises. As a fugitive or a seeker, which role do you prefer? Let's join Among them - Hide N Seek to see what you can do better. The dark and dangerous room begins to open...

  You can choose one of two roles: hide or seek. If it's a hiding role, have to move to stay away from the person who has a laser light. Move or hide in the nooks and crannies and don't forget to pick up the diamonds to meet the score requirement. There are many other players who will be participating in the game of hiding and seek, so you need to fight for purple diamonds faster than others. If you are a seeker, you are equipped with laser light to find those who are hiding. In this role, you will not be able to see other players, can only rely on judgmental traces to find them, such as open doors, lost diamonds. Remember that you only have a limited amount of time for both roles to complete the mission, so do everything well before time runs out.

  Do you want to be a smart fugitive or a danger seeker?

How to play

Drag to play.