Lick Them all

Lick Them all

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  Lick Them all will make players impressed with the food conveyor belt with unique dishes. The dishes are prepared by a magic chef and a hungry guy who wants to eat everything. His hungry stomach obscured his recognition of the food, help him choose safe foods so he won't fall into the trap of the evil chef. Surely you would never have imagined that licking food would also become a challenge. Let's see how hard it is!

  A food conveyor belt slowly moved into the hungry man's mouth. Pay close attention to what kind of food it is, there may be weird and smelly foods that are classified so that he gets food poisoning. Avoid inedibles like thorny bitter gourd, stinky ground, icebergs, or logs. If you accidentally lick those objects, your energy will be deducted quickly and you will lose. Try to lick the cakes, ice cream, and other edible foods to have enough energy reserves to reach the finish line. Don't let the obnoxious magic chef get the hang of it, he just wants to mess with you. There will be many beautifully decorated dishes that surprise you. Small note that maybe this game will stimulate your need to eat. Prepare some snacks before playing!

  You are ready to lick?

How to play

Click or touch to lick.