Among Us Red Imposter

Among Us Red Imposter

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  Among Us Red Imposter is a game familiar to Impostor fans. Addictive game with silent kill mode, you play as a red impostor attacking other astronauts on a spaceship. What's more new is that the 3D graphics are sharper and more beautiful. This new design ship will give players a new feeling and much more interesting. A whole new hunt is truly dramatic and thrilling that players are role as real-life activities.

  You and some of the other astronauts on the spaceship do not have many hidden corners. Help the impostor complete the task of killing all the other astronauts on board. Of course, the eradication cannot be seen by anyone. If caught, you will be thrown off the ship and fall into dark space. Try to take advantage of other astronauts' inattention or hidden corners of the ship to take action, avoiding times when they gather in one place. Because the new ship's design is more modern and doesn't have many corners, you have to quickly move, move and find other astronauts before you are discovered. After destroying all the astronauts, you will become the shipowner and complete the mission. 

  Are you ready to rebel on the ship, impostor?

How to play

Drag to move.

Click the knife image to kill.