Red Man Imposter

Red Man Imposter

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  Red Man Imposter is a fun game with our familiar cute red character which has a completely new way of playing that requires your dexterity. A whole new way to the finish line will engage players and create unforgettable experiences with Red Man Imposter. This cute protagonist must pass through a long wall without being allowed to fall. This challenge is like manipulating your mind in a game of classical geometrical thinking.

  The challenge of this game is to manipulate and hold correctly. If you keep jumping around without strategy, you will lose. Do not rush, but take steady steps, otherwise, you will eliminate your chances of getting to the finish line. Try to create some padding by converting white cells to black, do not go beyond that square but just move yourself a little and then jump on you will successfully create a platform for yourself to move. So cleverly to finish!

  Are you ready to be an excellent Red Man Imposter?


How to play

Arrow keys to move.