Hit Em Up

Hit Em Up

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  Hit Em Up is a fun shooting game with extremely destructive grenades. Green monsters will be crushed into a hundred pieces by your grenade. You will look cool when you play the role of a boss who owns a supergun with grenades fired. All the demons lurking in the tunnel were terrified, you are the hero of destroying monsters in the city. Assert your position and wipe out hordes of creepy monsters.

  There are many green monsters lurking in the cellar and they will wait for their chance to eat people at night, you must destroy them before that happens. Your gun will blow them to pieces, accurate aiming and making use of momentum objects is the challenge of this game. The grenade that shoots up high and falls down will obey the physical mechanism, and the objects exploded will be the same. Therefore, you need to pay attention to wooden crates so that they do not fall into the sights, preventing the destruction of the target. Avoid firing bullets too high as it turns down right where you are and explodes yourself. There will be monsters in a high position and separated by obstacles, then take advantage of the pendulum-like objects to get momentum movement for the grenade. Only when you destroy all the targets will you be able to level up.

  Do you want to become a tycoon wearing black glasses?

How to play

Tap or click to shoot.