MineGuy 2: Among Them

MineGuy 2: Among Them

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  MineGuy 2: Among Them is a strange raid on Mars where impostors rule and they've taken several hostages. Your mission is to shoot down all the impostors and rescue the hostages being held, in addition to destroying their bases. Take back the sovereignty of Mars. Dangerous and unexpected enemies will test your shooting and raiding skills. Are you brave enough to face the enemy alone on an empty planet?

  Players will be able to admire the fictional scene on Mars. But don't let that distract you, evil impostors can appear at any time. The gameplay is similar to the classic raid games, pay attention to cover the surrounding space to be able to quickly defeat the target from afar. In addition to defeating the impostors, you also have to destroy their bases, rescue hostages, and collect items. Diverse arsenal, change weapons flexibly for easier combat. Pay attention to the sentinels, they have heavy weapons and you need to defeat them as quickly as possible or you will lose. The hostages are usually locked in the base and they are unarmed, don't kill them by mistake. The organization Among Us will not want you to die on cold Mars, try to survive, and return with your teammates successfully.

  Elite warriors make forays into the history of the legion Among Us.

How to play

Mouse 1: Fire

Mouse 2: Aim/Block

W-S-A-D: Walk

Left Shift: Sprint

Left Ctrl: Crouch

X: Prone

Space: Jump

F: Use item

R: Reload

H: Holster weapon

G: Grenade

V: Melee attack

T: Slow-mo