Motor Rush

Motor Rush

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  Motor Rush is a motorcycle racing track that gathers many master drivers. The thrilling high-speed race track will make players impressed with the beautiful acrobatics, flying in the air of super motorbikes. The difference with other normal racing games is that you can eliminate other players to increase your chances of finishing first. Fast speed and unexpected accidents on the track may make players unable to keep up, challenging the steering wheel have special experiences.

  The track brings together the top motorcycle racers in the world, if you are not confident in your speed, kick them off the track to increase your chances of winning. There will be weapons with stronger attacks scattered on the road, try to pick them up to have weapons that can eliminate opponents more easily. However, you are not always the faster one to attack the opponent, dodging if he attacks first. Sometimes there are obstacles like barricades or a car in an accident on fire, need to avoid them if you don't want to lose your score. If your score reaches zero, you will have to say goodbye to the track. Try to destroy as many opponents as possible, only the racer who finishes first can win to enter the next level. 

  Do something when you are overtaken! 

How to play

Drag to play.