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  Super are terrifying tornadoes in the city that sweep away all vehicles and buildings. These tornadoes are quite special, they have many colors that highlight the city but sweep everything in it. You are a part and participate in the competition with many other players, the person who blows up the most and has the highest score will be at the top of the ranking. Can you create the biggest tornado in the history of Super

  Drag to move your tornado, go to where there are many vehicles, people, buildings to blow them away, accumulate points for you and increase the size of the tornado. There will be many other tornadoes that the players you are participating in may be faster than you, have a larger size, stay away from their tornado if you don't want to blow your ass. When your tornado is large enough, it will be able to swallow large blocks of buildings. A city crowded with millions of people and modern buildings would be disturbed by the players. You will enjoy sweeping everything in your path, even lashing out at other small tornadoes. Super based on the addictive hit black hole game with new terrain will make the players feel more attractive.

  Are you ready for a super tornado?

How to play

Drag to play.