Impostor Rescue

Impostor Rescue

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 Impostor Rescue is a classic brain game that is popular. With simple gameplay, but makes the player easily addicted. The new interface will be the attraction, funny characters, and space is cute ships. Impostor Rescue will confuse players with collecting treasure. With your wisdom, see how far you can go!

  There will appear many obstacles such as lava flows, wild beasts, sharp objects that you need to use your mind to avoid by removing the yellow bars. After all, you must help the impostor win the treasure that is the colorful gemstones. It is not necessary that the gems fall in the right place, maybe outside of you, but make sure it is safe for the impostor to get the treasure. For example, do not make a gemstone fall into the fire because it will be consumed and you will lose. There's no time limit, so calmly take the right steps. If you don't pass the level, you can play again. At a higher level will be more difficult and requires your thinking.

  Let's collect the treasure!

How to play

Tap or click on the yellow bars to let the impostor collect the gems.