Spider Trump

Spider Trump

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  Spider Trump is the perfect combination of the former US President and the famous spiderman hero of the Marvel universe. A president in another area is trying to cross long walls thanks to his ultimate ability to shoot spider silk is sure to create an interesting experience for players. This will be a unique game for big fans of Donald Trump and Spiderman.

  Show off your spider web-shooting skills to help the beloved president complete the role of a superhero saving the world. Try to use your momentum to help him jump long distances, don't let him get tired of swinging too much in the cold winter. Flexible use of direction keys and shoot spider webs as soon as you jump, just a little slow, you and the president will lose. The levels will increase in difficulty, team up with him well and escort the president to safety.

  Let everyone see you as the president's most powerful supporter!

How to play

Arrow keys to grab momentum.

Space to jump.