Spinner Io

Spinner Io

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  Spinner Io is the arena of strong spins with the participation of many players. Players will own unique design spins and boundless power which many people wish for when they were children. Show your strength to other players to be the only one to win and The large arena will make you feel attracted. Have you ever been the leader of a spinning game? Surely you will be amazed at your strength.

  The arena has many sprockets and your power will be increased by moving a lot and hitting the other spins. To easily knock your opponents away, push them to the edge of the line. So the chance of you kicking the opponent will be higher, at the same time, notice that you have to move skillfully because you may also be cornered and lose. Collisions follow the mechanics so you can take advantage of clever combination strikes. Only one player wins, using clever strategy to defeat every other player. The challenge will be the last little spins, they will let you chase for a long time before winning.

  Are you the strongest Spinner?

How to play

Drag to move.

Touch the other spins to knock them away.