Ninja Rabbit

Ninja Rabbit

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  Ninja Rabbit is a bunny superhero on a mission to save pitiful mice in captivity and at the same time, he has to fill his hungry stomach by eating lots of white radishes. The game is set on the battlefield in a maze with wooden walls that our main characters are familiar cute animals but no less dramatic as a real thrilling breakout. The cunning and vivacious bunny will save his teammates from danger.

  Role-playing as a ninja always attracts players, it requires dexterity and agility in moving so thinking about the judgment of the way according to the principles of physics will be an advantage. Ninja Rabbit with beautiful graphics and smooth movements that will make players feel excited. Try to eat lots of white radishes to increase your score, be careful with the obstacles to avoid bouncing back. However, sometimes you have to use obstacles as a lever so you can break into nooks and crannies. Don't miss out on some precious items like gold rattles, it will help and boost your ranks.

  Looks like you're excited and ready to go, let's show off the level of Ninja Rabbit!

How to play

Press and hold the position you want to move.