Special Strike Zombies

Special Strike Zombies

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  Special Strike Zombies is a combination of classic shooting games and crazy zombies. The player not only has to face the hordes of hideous zombies and also has to fight the group of mercenaries. They will appear simultaneously and your task is to destroy them without an agreement, zombies with faster movement speed than the mercenaries will aggressively rush towards you. Do not panic but aim accurately, there will be a wide range of weapons to support you in this war of survival.

  The challenge in this game will be the speed of the enemy is very fast and in large numbers, so it requires the player's shooting skills. Choose the right weapon for each battle, flexible use of navigation keys, and precise aiming movement to not waste much time reloading. Pay attention to the directions because zombies and mercenaries will suddenly appear everywhere, do not focus on fighting in one place, but have a general strategy for the entire melee area. Lifelike 3D graphics will make you panic when the zombie approaches, do not be afraid but focus on fighting. No fighting is easy, trying to stay alive!


How to play

WASD - Move.

LMB - Shoot.

Mouse Wheel - Change weapon.

R - Reload.

P - Pause.

Space - Jump.

C - Crouch.