Crowd Farm

Crowd Farm

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  Crowd Farm is a farm with mischievous white sheep who want to be hegemony. These sheep have the ability to clone gods by eating special foods on the farm. They have a mutation in intelligence and know how to make rulers miserable. The rapid growth in numbers will be great panic and help the sheep get closer to the goal of dominating the farm. Do you find it interesting to be the leading sheep directing your herd to carry out the plan?

  The farm is really big and has a lot of food, move to places with lots of food to eat them all. For each feed, your flock will increase by one. Your flock of sheep will increase quickly, and you will enjoy the large winning flock. However, farm administrators are everywhere, they will chase and kill your sheep so stay away from them. In addition, you also have to compete with other sheep who are other players. You can eat their lambs to convert them into your troops. Remember that you absolutely must not touch the leader if you do not want to lose. Try to find a place with a lot of food or move skillfully to eat all the other members' swarms. Only a single winning flock of sheep can be the hegemon.

  The war of the rebellious sheep begins!

How to play

Drag to play.