Colors Bubble Shooter

Colors Bubble Shooter

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  Colors Bubble Shooter is the classic familiar game with colorful balls. Ball shooting game is simple to play, easy to play, and easy to win. What is especially outstanding is that it is suitable for all audiences, all ages to play the game, from young to middle-aged are attracted by this simple gameplay. The unique interface has an undying attraction to all players, try your best to enjoy the most relaxing moments. You will have the opportunity to challenge other gamers or challenge your friends who are also participating in Colors Bubble Shooter.

  How to play is not difficult at all, our task is to quickly observe the balls above and the balls are about to be shot. To see the same color as the egg that shoots up to form at least 3 identical balls. There will be a few small differences, you will not be limited in time or speed to lower the ball, but the number of balls will be limited. Try to use your mind to shoot smart balls, use the least number of shots possible, the remaining balls will be accumulated into your score. To make the game more vivid, you can choose the background styles you love, of course, this requires you to exchange some of the points you have accumulated. Notice how the balls are arranged to play smartly.

  Shoot colorful balls and clear challenging levels!

How to play

Drag to shoot the ball.

Click or tap to change the color.