Tower Defense

Tower Defense

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  Tower Defense will play you as a brave warrior who protects the village's life from evil monsters. The wildly attacking wild beasts require you to deal with them quickly. There will be many types of combat weapons for you to choose from such as hammers, bows, crossbows. The village was elaborately built and solidly built, try not to be destroyed by the wild animals.

  Adjust the time and attack so that it is reasonable because the enemy force is large and strong. Keep the spirit and master the battlefield. With intelligence and fighting strength, you will become the hero of the village. Prove that no enemy can sweep your territory.

  Show strength and agility!

How to play

Build towers on the free spots and they will automatically attack monsters that come near them.

Use different combinations of towers and elements to your advantage.

If you still feel pressured, use spells and upgrade your towers to the maximum.