Knife Master

Knife Master

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  Knife Master is a fun game that is addictive by throwing knives at a given target. The gameplay is as simple as the classic dart games arranged in a beautiful and creative graphic space. Highly entertaining, satisfying the player's emotions, and addictive. Evoke the excitement of discovering higher levels with knives precisely thrown at brightly colored beers. Knife Master will test the reflexes and the ability to aim of the players.

  The alternating red and white stele will move or sway to create the difficulty of the game. You have to throw knives at moving targets, if you don't hit one shot, you will lose. It is not necessary to hit the center of the target, as long as the knife touches the target to succeed. With the higher the level, the targets will move faster and more in number, you are not limited in time, so aim carefully. With a broken beer you will score a point, try to score as many points to create a new record score. This Knife Master game can help you practice your flexibility and improve your aiming skills. Let's break all the targets even if they have a movement that challenges your hands.

  Are you the Knife Master?

How to play

Click or tap to throwing the knife.