Black Thrones

Black Thrones

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  Black Thrones is the king's journey to regain his throne in the ancient world. In the frozen winter, the brave general runs across the road full of thorns and traps of the enemy to regain the true throne that is occupied by an impostor. With his nimble body and top-notch skill, will the general really succeed in defeating the enemy? The throne is waiting for you to help the general regain and rule the kingdom. 

  The winter battlefield with many pre-set traps requires you to help the general move flexibly, the skill of using the arrow keys will be an advantage. The puppet troops are also arranged defensively, you cannot avoid them but must defeat them. Try to collect as many gold coins as possible, which will help the general in governing the kingdom later. The terrain is difficult, if you are not careful you will be hit by traps at any time and lose. Remember that generals only have three hearts for three respawn chances. If you are lucky, you will meet the elixir that will give you another chance to revive, don't miss it. The closer to the finish line, the faster the speed will be, calmly overcome the obstacles.

  Are you a real winter warrior?

How to play

Arrow keys to move.

"Space" to kill.