Stair Run Online

Stair Run Online

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  Stair Run Online is a fun game with stone bricks. Of course, you are not building a house, but building stairs to overcome obstacles. This game is based on other popular fun games, race with the previous accumulation. 3D race track with outstanding graphics will make players enjoy, it's also an addictive game so make sure you play it in your spare time. Soaring stacks of bricks will make players want to run non-stop, earn the highest score.

  The challenge of Stair Run is that you have to anticipate the height of the obstacles to determine where to lay the bricks as the ladder. The smart strategy will be to choose the correct positions to save the number of bricks while ensuring the ladder is high enough for you to overcome obstacles. The game follows the basic physics principles, so moderation is the same as in real life. Try to pick up a lot on the run to make sure you don't run out of bricks to build stairs for the obstacles to the end of the level. Take care not to lay bricks from too far to avoid waste and run out of bricks, but at the same time, ensure the slope of the ladder is reasonable to cross the retaining walls. Save as many bricks as possible for the chance to finish with higher ranks and accumulating on your score.

How to play

Click or tap to build stairs.