Bottle Shooting Game

Bottle Shooting Game

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  Bottle Shooting Game is a cool game to shoot and break bottles with a basketball. It sounded like mischievous boys who broke a school window with a basketball shot. But it's not that simple, the glass bottles will be arranged in clever positions that are difficult to break and you can just use the bounce of the ball to break them. Bottle Shooting Game will challenge your thinking, you have to be smart to deliver precise kicks.

  The physical mechanisms are followed in this game, you need to judge the consequences of blows so that the ball hits the glass bottle to break it. To create smart and accurate moves, you need to align the position, throw angle, and throw force. At a level, not only one, but there will be many targets with obstacles around it that require you to have sophisticated directions. The difficulty level will increase as you go further, gain experience from previous games to win the next game quickly. Remember that you only have 3 throws per level, try to take advantage of that opportunity to break all targets.

  Let's start! Talented ball shooter!

How to play

Click and hold to shoot the ball.