Space Rush

Space Rush

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Space Rush Play Space Surge is another game that goes to the best style and with the characters of Among Us run and don't quit going through the risky foundation of the various levels of the game, be cautious since you could tumble off the precipice or slam into various obstructions like bombs, protests that will impede your direction. The game improves reflexes and trains team spirit, it is a stepping stone for high team games. 

Appreciate this addictive and energizing experience game play for nothing on your number one cell phone, tablet,or personal computer. Key Highlights Use Mouse or Contact Screen Guidance The game is not difficult to play, basically control the characters with the mouse or by contacting the screen of your cell phone. Touch the screen to jump, hold to jump higher, collect coints, and save your friends along the way.

How to play

Touch the screen or mouse click to jump.

Hold to jump higher.